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Saturday, 27th March, 2010
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Vol.1 No.14

HarBhajan Singh Jan Chetna


My official name, assigned by my parents, is HARBHAJAN SINGH.

“Rattan” being sub caste of the family, I used to be called HARBHAJAN SINGH RATTAN. This name had been used in my schools, colleges, universities, banks and all other public sector institutions. In my initial compositions: informatory & fictional, this name was used to identify the writer.

When I returned to journalism in 2001, I had become fully aware of notoriety played by castes and sub castes in human development. So I deleted “Rattan” from my name to become HARBHAJAN SINGH.

But due to the caption of the journal I had been publishing in 70s and my commitment to social awakening, I became famous as HARBHAJAN SINGH JAN-CHETNA.


I was born on 2nd of April, 1950 as the eldest son in a nucleus Punjabi Sikh family at Amritsar district of Punjab. Three brothers and one sister, besides parents, constituted the family. In other words, I am 59 years by age but age has never been a liability for me. I have teen aged aspirations and energy to actualize them.


I was trained as an Electrical Engineer but adopted journalism as my profession. I have been writing articles and short stories from my school time and they were occasionally published in daily news papers. As a man of letters, impressed by humanism of Baba Nanak, I started publishing a monthly magazine “Kavita” in 1971. This was supplemented by another weekly journal “Jan Chetna” in 1972. I have been publishing these journals as their editor for four/five years but the publications had to be suspended during emergency of 1975 to protest again censorship.

I had to go in for teaching to earn livelihood. By and by, I shifted to Delhi. There I imparted instructions to +12 and higher classes students for twenty years. During the period, study and teaching went hand in hand. I did my post graduation in Punjabi, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Public Administration. In 2001, I again plunged into journalism, worked with different newspapers here and there and finally settled with a daily newspaper being published from Chandigarh. Now, I am working with publishers of E-Books as an editor. My ultimate aim is to relaunch “The Jan Chetna” as a daily newspaper.


I am 169 cms. in height & keep good health. Physique is normal, neither slim nor fat. Have a disease free, healthy & active body measuring 102-96-102cms that weighs 68 kg. Wheatish in color bearing average features.


Maintaining family traditions, I have been supporting unshorn hair, moustaches and beard. I support beard, moustaches and wear turban. I prefer to be in comfortable Punjabi dress, wear shirt, T-shirt, trouser etc to be in formal dress but I don’t have preference to a particular appearance.


A determined, principled stubborn, self-made, self-respected, loving and caring, take quick decisions based on logical, Cause and Affect relationship and stick to them. Work with full zeal and energy and have no repentance for my decisions and acts at all. Fearless, don’t yield to pressures and speak truth.


By birth I am a Sikh but I have little faith in communalism. I believe in a one, formless, unborn, eternal, self-illuminated, fearless and animosity free power. He framed complicated, rigid and unchangeable laws, rules and regulations responsible for creating and running the universe. One has to assimilate oneself with his rules and regulations to ensure a comfortable life. All religions are meant to discover the laws and motivate for their followers to abide by them. Since the laws framed by Him are universal, there can be one and only one religion on this earth. It is, indeed humanism and that is my religion.

Motive of this religion is to create awareness among masses against orthodoxy, fundamentalism, regionalism and terrorism to adopt cause and affect relationship for understanding fundamental problems of poverty, illiteracy and disease. Every religion has to determine to create a conscious, tolerating, diverse, coexisting society based on equality, dignity and justice by protesting against discrimination, dogmatism, lust and greed responsible for wars, violent revolts and maladministration and sharing resources with the unprivileged.


I long for a prosperous, hatred free, loving and caring society. The attitude has developed strong liking for conscious, understanding, tolerating, truthful, straight forward, loyal and sacrificing individuals. I respect distinguished heroes who laid their lives in the service of humanity. Lincoln, Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela is a few among them.

I am against orthodoxy, fundamentalism, and terrorism. Therefore dislike pretenders, manipulators, liars & flatters.

I hate corrupt practices, slothism & unpunctuality.


A Journalist by profession, Engineer by training, teacher by taste and Idealist by nature is my symbolic identity. A vocal social activist dedicated to Jan Chetna: a universal, Mass Awareness Movement to ensure human rights and dignity, I am active on many fronts:

Professionally, I am a journalist, contribute articles to periodicals published from India and abroad to highlight the fundamental problems of the victim of uneven distribution of resources, mismanagement of establishment and injustice in the name of race, region and religion and outline their solutions. is my new venture. This is a web site under construction launched with an intention to serve as daily paper in English, Hindi & Punjabi. Home Page is near completion.

I have been a regular visitor to social sites like Face Book, Twitter, Orkut & Tagged etc. to raise my voice against injustice applaud development activities and educate other visitors to adopt cause and affect relationship to understand fundamental problems of humanity and methods to resolve them.

On ground level, I have been active in a NGO: Jan Chetna Foundation, for the last decade. Jan Chetna Foundation is a forum of Human Rights Activists to organize an all time Mass Awareness Movement to educate masses against orthodoxy, fundamentalism, regionalism & terrorism, to adopt cause & affect relationship for understanding fundamental problems of Poverty, Illiteracy, Disease and curbs on freedom to think, express and live on personal basis. Jan Chetna Foundation is determined to create a conscious, respecting, diverse, coexisting, loving & caring society based on equality, dignity & justice by educating masses to adopt Cause and Affect Relationship in their life style and protest against discrimination, dogmatism, lust & greed responsible for wars, violent revolts and maladministration.

I keep myself available to every one all the time. Visitors are always welcomed at my residence. Phones and mobiles are always kept intact. In case, I am unable to attend calls, I myself contact the caller at the earliest possible. We have internet connections of Tata & BSNL. All mail & messages are responded instantly, latest by the next morning. Thus, most of my time is spent in knowing and solving problems of the underprivileged in the society with an ambition to assist them to be on their own feet to earn bread and butter and live comfortably with dignity ad honour. Proper arrangements of food, clothing and shelter are made for the orphan and disabled. I pay special attention in imparting education to orphans & poor students.

I have been actively involved in Gay Movement also. Medical experts are of the view that Gays and Lesbians are distinct creation of the Almighty. They are born with different tastes due to genetic structure at the time of birth and have the right to lead life to their needs and satisfaction. They should be recognized as a separate entity and provided with the right to form couples & marry among them to lead a normal family life to have sexual satisfaction and emotional security. At the same time, misuse in the name of being gay/lesbian should be stopped and rules related to make love, form families, keep and share property be formed and obeyed like that of other citizens. Voluptuary, debauch, lewd can’t be allowed in the name of gayism/lesbianism in the larger interests of gay community.


I lead a very simple but comfortable life. I am lodging & boarding alone in a two roomed, air conditioned farm house. My kitchen is equipped with all modern facilities like cooking gas, fridge, microwave oven, mixer & grinder and different range of crockery and cook wares. My studies have computing facilities & a library having thousands of books. I own a car for transportation, four phones, internet and mobiles for communication. My residence bears the facilities of air conditioning, automatic washing machine and emergency power system ensuring an active and comfortable living.


I reside in Amritsar, the City of Golden Temple. Punjab, India.

Mail Address:

HarBhajan Singh (Janchetna), H.N.2, Jaspal Nagar, Sultanwind Road, Amritsar, Punjab, India-143007.


(+91) 89681-43404, 99157-98604, 98995-98687, 183-249-0054

E-mail Id:

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Love doesn't make the world go round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
If you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have.
Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
Love is a friendship set to music.
Love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.