What does the morning offer? But a chance to hold your heart, To lift your tears to the sunlight And pray heaven will do its part. Good Morning! Have a nice day!!

Jan Chetna Foundation was propounded on 16th October, 2001 by a journalist turned academician HarBhajan Singh to launch a mass movement

  1. To create awareness among the masses to know the real, scientific causes of their fundamental problems and their remedies.
  2. To consolidate the like minded forces throughout the world over to ensure human dignity through availability of basic amenities, right of peaceful co-existence, equal distribution of resources & opportunities of development to all human beings.
  3. To stand by the victims of the establishment and violence of political, religious & economic terrorism.

Great scholars of Baba Nanak’s stature are of the view that main cause of suffering of humanity is ignorance among the masses. If the masses are educated to be able to establish a relationship between causes and effects and they are determined to observe the rules and regulations propounded by the outcome, there will be no suffering for the humanity in the universe. A complete harmony will prevail to ensure peace and happiness all over the world.

There are numerous people in every society who feel the pinches of injustice by the establishment and others having their own axes to grind. They are experienced enough to know the remedies but due to lack of resources and enough man power, concrete steps are not taken. If some of them take the initiative, they are humiliated and crushed by the vested interests. Therefore, a forum is necessary to consolidate human welfare activists. Jan Chetna Foundation intends to be a universal forum for awakening the masses, consolidate forces of human rights and stand by the victims.

Food, clothing and shelter are basic necessities of mankind but 30% of the world population is deprived of balanced diet two times a day. 50% of urban population is devoid of proper, cleanly shelter necessary for healthy development. For creating a caring and loving society, we need guaranteed quality environment. Newly born child and the mother need medical assistance and care. Pollution free air, filth free surrounding, balanced diet and emotional security are needed for his growth. He needs proper education to be an informed, enlightened individual of the society. As a young man, he needs enough employment to arrange food, clothing and shelter for him and his family. He needs resources to such a magnitude as to be able to help the needy in the society. But to our hard luck, we have not been able to provide even bare necessities to all individuals. Resultantly, they have started quarrelling and fighting among themselves. Individuals have been organized in the name of region, religion, cast, color, creed and sex etc. to get their share in the resources. No human society can be loving and caring until every individual is educated to be logical and have enough to lead comfortable life. Then and only then, one can think of charity. Our role in this context is to identify the needy, educate & assist him to be on his own feet. He is morally bound to help others.

Religion is basically to inspire people to be aware to follow the laws propounded by the Almighty in creating & governing the universe. This is the only path that leads to eternal, everlasting happiness and prosperity. Every creature in the universe has its role to play. Coexistence is a must to maintain balance in the universe. Unfortunately, instead of inspiring the followers to establish harmony with our surroundings, our religious leaders have been preaching divisions among human beings on the basis of their beliefs. They have been spreading hatred to the extent of waging wars; crusade, through out the world over. This has made the world a hell. No life, no property is secured. We have been cursed to live in fear and uncertainty.

Aspirants of political power have added fuel to the fire. In the age of democracies, almost in every continent, some power mongers attempt violent coups in one or the other context like class struggle, maladministration, prevailing corruption, plight of the masses etc. In the process, hundreds of officials and thousands of citizens are killed. Their families get displaced and some have to take shelter in refugee camps. Princes and princesses of yesterday are reduced to beggars at the mercy of Missionaries and other charitable organizations. United Nation Organization does intervene but its help is for the community, not for any individual with the result that thousands have to live in inhumane conditions for years without any attempt to their rehabilitation. Due to their plight, they are subjected to physical and economic exploitation. Jan Chetna Foundation have decided to adopt most of them and provide them with basic amenities, education and employment. We shall assist them to settle in any part of the world of their choice.

Most relationships fail not because of absence of love… Love is always present, Its just that, one loves too much and other loves too many....
Never design your character like a garden Where every one can walk. Design yourself like the sky Where every one desires to reach.